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Skin Rejuvenation
Skin Rejuventation

Our skin is an organ just like our heart and lungs,and must be taken care of for optimal performance. Smoking, drinking and sun exposure are the three main enemies of our skin. Sun exposure can create premature aging with skin thickening, pigment irregularity and wrinkles. Sunscreens with an SPF of at least 15 should be incorporated in our daily routine and can go a very long way in lessening the effects of the sun on our skin. Smoking affects the skin by causing the tiny blood vessels that nourish the cells to narrow, robbing them of their nutritional support. Excessive alcohol intake can cause dehydration of the skin and over dilation of the tiny blood vessels leading to spider veins.

Despite our best efforts, over time, we all begin to see little signs of aging in our skin. Fortunately in this day and age, there are a number of excellent options to effectively combat this process. These range from home treatments to office procedures to surgical intervention.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

CO2 laser skin resurfacing is ideal for patients with excessive sun damage and deeper facial wrinkles. Additionally, it is an excellent treatment for the multiple deep vertical furrows seen around the mouth and lips, particularly found in smokers. This procedure, typically performed under general anesthesia, precisely vaporizes the skin layer by layer. Thus the upper layers of skin containing irregular pigment and dead cells are completely removed while the deeper layer containing collagen is stimulated to thicken and reorganize causing a markedly smoother consistency.

Candidates for CO2 laser resurfacing are those with:

  • Deeper wrinkles and lines
  • Moderate to severely sun damaged skin
  • Irregular, splotchy pigmentation
  • Brown age spots
  • Acne or other facial scars
  • Benign lesions of the skin

Immediately following CO2 laser treatment, the skin is raw and is occluded with a protective ointment. The length of recovery depends on the depth of the laser treatment and the patient’s skin type but new skin is usually related within seven to ten days. At this point, the new skin is typically pink and can be covered with camouflage makeup.

Many other lasers are used for cosmetic treatment of the skin. Abnormal blood vessels, from tiny spider veins to large congenital vascular lesions are treated by lasers. Abnormal pigmentation of the skin such as brown age spots as well as tattoos can all be removed without scarring using various laser treatments.


EltaMD® Laser Balm Post-Procedure Healing Ointment treats post-procedure wounds by keeping them moist and preventing crusting. Laser Balm melts upon skin contact and penetrates to help dry and damaged skin retain its natural moisture.

EltaMD Laser Balm Post-Procedure Healing Ointment is noncomedogenic, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and preservative-free.

Concentrated healing moisturizer helps facilitate recovery after ablative and nonablative procedures
Moisturizes treated and damaged skin.

Active Ingredients: Petrolatum 60%
Ingredient Insights
Petrolatum: Aids in moisture retention
Ingredients: Microcrystalline Wax, Paraffin


Microdermabrasion is a gentle sanding treatment that helps restore a more youthful look and feel to your skin. Using aluminum oxide crystals propelled onto the skin while simultaneously being vacuumed, this process removes the outer layer of dead flaking skin and stimulates the production of fresh skin and collagen. It can soften fine wrinkles, acne scars and skin pigmentation with a series of treatments. It is safe for all skin types and there is no recovery time.